Hiring Tony DiGerolamo

Hiring Tony DiGerolamo

I am only interested in taking on paying work. Please do not inquire unless you are willing to pay. That being said, I welcome and will respond to all offers of paying work. You can email me via the address at the bottom of the page. My credits are listed all over this website, but they include the following:

Creator/Writer: Super Frat webcomic
Writer: Bongo Comics: The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books
Creator/Writer: Jersey Devil, The Travelers, The Fix
Co-creator/Writer: Rodney: The Alien That Smoke Pot
Writer: Everknights

Writer: The Hacklopedia of Beasts Volumes 1 thru 8 for Kenzer & Company
Writer: Slaughterhouse Indigo, an original Hackmaster adventure for Kenzer & Company
Writer: various gaming articles for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine
Writer: Lethal Legacies from Goodman Games.
Creator/Writer: Complete Mafia for d20

Creator/Writer: The Fix: Fix in Overtime from Padwolf Publishing
Writer: The Undercover Dragon from Padwolf Publishing

Screenwriter: The Evil Within (1999, Eagle Films)
Screenwriter: The Father, The Son... (Eagle Films)
Screenwriter: Ten Cents a Minute (2003, Sweety Kat Productions) an award-winning short

Writer: The Cocktail Chef (talk show/cooking show pilot) (2008)
Writer: Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast for the Game Tap website (2006)
Co-creator/Writer: The Crusaders of Science (comedy TV pilot, 2003)
Writer: Comedy Cooking Show (comedy TV pilot, 1999)
Jokewriter: Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (1995-1997)

Ask Seņor Cactus on www.superfrat.com
Lookin' at Comics in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine

For a complete list of all my credits CLICK HERE.

Email questions to thefixisin@comcast.net
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