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Frequently Asked Questions about Tony's Writing Services

Can you forward a letter to the guys at Kenzer & Company or Bongo or a movie studio for me?
No. That's an inappropriate question. Why would you even ask?

Will South Jersey Rebellion publish my work?
SJRP was formed by me. We only publish stuff that I write, so no. I can, however, suggest ways to get published through other publishers or through self-publishing. I cannot guarantee you will ever be published.

I want to learn about comic book publishing. Will you teach me?
Sure! Take my course on Comic Book Publishing. I'll tell you everything you need to know and then some. By the time you're finished the 8-week course, you'll be armed with most of the tools you need to begin publishing except the money. I also cover the basics of the comic book script format, but we primarily focus on the pitfalls of publishing.

I want to take a course, how do I begin?
Email me and tell me what course you want to take. (My email is at the bottom of every page on this website.) Then, mail me a check. When the check clears, I will email you your first assignment. You'll have one week to complete each assignment and email it back to me.

I'm a new writer and I'm unsure which course is right for me. What do you recommend?
Take the Basic Creative Writing Course. Even if you decide you don't want to be a writer, the course can help you write effectively and clearly.

I've been taking your course, but I didn't email you back in a week. Is that a problem?
Yes. I'm a busy freelancer and I sometimes get crushing deadlines. If you want to be a writer, you have to make deadlines as well, otherwise, you're wasting your money. If you have a real emergency (death in the family, auto accident, etc.) email me and we'll see if we can work something out.

Can I call you at home?
Please don't do that unless I give you special permission to do so.

Can I email you with questions?
Assuming you're taking a course, of course! If not, well, that would depend upon the question. If it's about the course, then fine. If it's information within the course, then no.

Can we do this through the regular mail?
Uh, I prefer not to. I will have to charge you more. It depends mostly on my current workload. Email me or mail me, I guess, and we'll see.

Where do I send my check? Who do I make it out to?
Send the check to: Tony DiGerolamo, PO Box 552, Stratford, NJ 08084. Make the check out to me, Tony DiGerolamo, and make sure you send me an email to let me know its coming.

Can I send you my novel/script/comic book, etc. for you to critique? It's really good!
Only if you're willing to pay for the critique and sign a letter saying that you won't ever sue me ever. Even if I run over your dog with a lawn mower in front of your grandma.

All the courses are 8-weeks and most cost the same, are they all the same course?
No. As a matter of fact, I try to customize each class to each student. Your first assignment will be key in determining where we go from the first lesson.

Isn't this all a little bit expensive?
No, it's cheap. As a matter of fact, I'll raise all the prices if I get too many students.

If I like your class, can I take it again?
We can talk at the end of your 8-weeks and I'll make suggestions then. I may recommend you take another 8-weeks or I may tell you to take the Advanced Creative Writing Class or a Special Projects Course. It largely depends on how well I think you are doing and what your particular needs are as a writer.

Your comments are mean! Why are you so mean?
I'm not mean, I'm giving you an honest critique. If you take it personally, you will learn nothing and waste your money. If you want to improve as a writer you must put aside your personal feelings and take criticism thoughtfully. If you do that, you'll thank me later for my curt comments. If you don't, you'll continue to wallow in medicority for the rest of your days.

Can I have my money back?
Hell, no. No refunds.

Can we meet sometime and discuss my writing in person?
Probably not. Let's keep a professional distance. Unless you are a 20-something, female stripper, I probably don't have time to meet with you. No offense, but I'm not being paid to be your friend. You're paying me because my critique will save you wasted time and effort in the long run.

Are money and strippers all you care about?
No, there are other things too. I'm just not going to discuss them with you. Again, I'm not being paid to be your friend. This isn't a support group, it's a writing course. I'm teaching you to be professional. If you don't act like one, you're wasting your money. I demand professional behavior at all times from my students. No lying, no yelling and above all, no stalking. You're welcome to say hello to me at a signing or convention, but keep our relationship professional at all times please. I reserve the right to dump your sorry ass if you are rude, obnoxious or threatening. And yes, I will keep your money.

Why are you teaching people to write?
I found that, to some extent, I like teaching. But mostly, I'm interested in the money. It's a quick way to use my writing skills and make cash. Trust me, when I make my first million, I tear down this part of the site real fast. So, take advantage of my great wisdom while you can.

Do I have to buy your comic books and books to take the courses?
Unfortunately, no. I say, buy them anyway. It's a great way to suck up to me.

I saw a typo in your comic book/novel/online story!
Great. Tell me what it is and I'll correct it if I can. Otherwise, don't gloat. That'll piss me off.

What experience do you have as a teacher?
I have taught dozens of people via email over the years, but I only started charging them recently. I felt that I had accumulated enough expertise that I should be paid. About 50% of those I mentored found that writing was something they did not want to do professionally. The other 50% usually found my critiques quite helpful. A tiny percentage, less than 1%, threw an emotional tantrum, but I'm sure you're not like that.

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