Module TT2: Mummy Dearest


Timeline: This adventure takes place during The Travelers #21 and between issues #21 & #22.

Background: You and your adventuring group have been in the City of Beastlyville and its kingdom for sometime now and you have grown to know its inhabitants. But living in the largest city in the New Realm is expensive and with the influx of refugees from the Kingdom of Scottsdale, inflation has finally caught up with you. You and your friends need some work. Fast! As you know, in the center of the marketplace is a bulletin board for adventurers where jobs are posted. A quick scan of the bulletin board and you realize that most of the jobs have either already been filled or beyond your capabilities. Just as you are about to leave, a new postcard magically appears on the board. A tack to hold it in place moves to stick it but misses and misses and misses, then finally hits. (If any PC interrupts this, roll for a hit for 1 point of damage.)

THE CARD reads as follows: "Wanted: Brave adventures for a special mission! Drop off my taxes at the Hall of Records! Payment up front! Fifty gold pieces! Apply at Locust the Wizard's tower."

THE TOWER of Locust the Wizard is a well-known structure in the city. Although the tower appears to be hanging on by its last legs, it is known to be a sound structure that doesn't even sway during a storm. Local residents refer to it as an "eye sore", as the decor does not match the rest of the area. There is a knocker on the front door. (If anyone knocks, Locust will say, "Come in!"

THE INTERIOR OF THE TOWER: The inside of the tower appears to be extremely spacious, perhaps even too big for what you've seen outside. Unfortunately, despite the room, most of it is taken up by junk and furniture. To your left is a dragon's head statue (trapped to deliver a magic blast of fire for 2-12 points of damage to anyone standing in front of it up to 10' away, this is a trophy from Locust's previous adventure) There are comfortable sofas and chairs scattered about the room. An open doorway leads to another room, while a set of stairs winds is way around the walls. On yet another wall is a clear, glass tank that has been smashed open. On the inside dangle a pair of broken handcuffs and a straight jacket. (A Houdini trick Locust was practicing that went completely wrong.) Next to that, a large, strange, chest-sized object with bright colors and glass. The interior of the object has a pile of black, flat discs and a tiny arm to move them about. There is a slot on its surface that is labeled "Insert Coin". (This is a jukebox. It plays music from the 1950's.) Finally, in the center of the room is a large round table with many chairs. Off to the side is a smaller, square table with cards that looks as if a card game is be preserved. Sitting at the large round table is a short man, with a long thin nose and pointed ears. He has seven empty plates stacked near him and is shoveling the contents of the eighth plate in his mouth. A wizard with a long white beard and an apron that says, "Kiss the Conjuror" enters with another plate of what looks like meatloaf. The wizard turns in your direction and says, "'Ello! I'm Locust! The Wizard! Would you like some loaf? I just cooked it!" (The meatloaf is made from Squirrelmen and anyone with less than a 16 constitution must save vs. poison or vomit for 1-6 rounds. Locust will not volunteer this information unless asked. If Cubby is asked why he's eating it, he'll simply respond. "Food is food, sir. Waste not, want not, I always say.")

THE MISSION: Locust needs a band of adventurers to take his taxes to the Hall of Records. As the Royal Wizard, normally the Royal Accountant would do his taxes, but this year he was accidentally turned into potato. (Locust did it when he was trying to sort his receipts using a new spell.) The taxes are due today and Locust is banned from entering the Hall of Records due to some past incident. (He made the letter "E" disappear from everything in the hall.) Cubby cannot do it because he and Locust are due at an emergency club meeting at the Dock & Swig. (If asked, all they know is that a mysterious stranger arrived in Beastlyville. He is a red-skinned man named Topiltzin. (If asked why Locust is paying so much money or why he needs "brave" adventurers to run this errand, he will reply, "'Ave you ever SEEN the lines at the 'All of Records?! They can stretch for blocks!") Locust hands the PC's a sealed package with his forms and a sealed bag of coins. (Both are sealed with wax, if the seal is broken it sprays the thief with a bright green paint that can never be washed off unless disenchanted by a wizard of 18th level or higher. The bag contains 40 platinum pieces.)

HALL OF RECORDS: This massive edifice was built before the Kingdom of Beastlyville existed and has a distinct Roman feel in its architecture. Dozens of Beastlyville residents are lined up out the door. Many of the individuals are Dales who are attempting to obtain legal work papers and changes of citizenship. In addition to that, there are dozens of Beastlyville citizens who, like Locust, choose to file their taxes on the last day. Walking the line is a merchant with a large, steaming bucket strapped to his chest. He is selling sausages to whomever will pay. Keeping order, are several guards, they are being supervised by two royal guards, Rob & Lester. (AC 4 HD 5 HP 55 #AT 3/2 D 1d8 w/sword, 1d6 w/crossbow) (Lars the Sausage Merchant. Lars is completely rude and most people are just buying sausages from him just to get him away. Lars is AC 10, HD 2, HP 28, #AT 1, D1-4 with a sausage fork. Anyone stabbed by his rusty, disgusting fork must save vs. poison at +4 or gain an infection that makes wounds heal at 1/8 the rate for 2-12 days. Lars is selling sausages for a silver piece each and a sip of water for a copper piece. He currently has 13sp, 27cp on his person. He refuses to make change under any circumstances.)

WAITING: The PC's wait, after two hours it becomes obvious they will never reach the head of the line before the hall closes. (After the first hour, a random PC is accosted by a Halfling pick-pocket dressed as a child and bouncing a ball. His named is Romanof AC 7, HD 3, HP 33, #AT 2, D 1-4/1-4 with a dagger, 53% chance to pick pockets. Romanof has a gem worth 25gp and 42sp. If caught, he will stab the ball with the nearest sharpest object. The ball will spray gas in a 20' radius. He will use his Hide in Shadow/Move Silent Ability at 47% to evade pursuers.)
EVENTUALLY: Ahead of you, in line, a shouting match develops between the Dales and the hopelessly outnumbered citizens of Beastlyville. "You're the cause o' this!" cries a Dale. "You Dales are the one that started the war! Why don't you go home?!" shouts back a local. A gorgeous female, elf merchant (Stella, AC 7, HD 3rd level thief, HP 30, #At 2, D 1-4/1-4 w/ dagger) attempts to intercede, but a group of burly Dales begin shoving her. She stumbles and looks as if she's going to take a header on the stone steps. (Burly Dales AC 9, HD 2, HP 34, #At 1, D1d6+2 w/clubs & Str., each Dale carries 2-12cp).

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Rob & Lester break it up after 3-12 rounds. If anyone saves Stella, she will offer a 40gp necklace as a reward and/or a "roll in the hay" if the individual has a comeliness over 12. If the individual is married or has a girlfriend, she'll do it regardless of his looks.

Suddenly, a clerk burst out from the Hall of Records screaming for the guards. "Help! Help!" he cries. "Master Reilly is trapped in the basement with an awful undead thing!" The crowd immediately shifts, half panic, while the other half attempt to push their way ahead in line. Rob & Lester suddenly have their hands full. The clerk looks in your direction, noticing your weapons & armor. "Good sirs!" he cries. "Can you please help?!" (The clerk, CHRIS, does not know if the Hall will pay a reward, but knows that Reilly has control of the budget. Chris will eventually lie to get the PC's in the basement and suffer the consequences later. Stella will not go the basement, but will make plans with the PC for later.) "Master Reilly went into the basement with one of the other clerks to file a King's Champion Suspension Form. It's a very rare process to undertake! He assured me it could take hours! Then, while I was in the back, I heard screaming and when I ran to the steps, I saw two emaciated figures chase Master Reilly into the darkness. I feared for my life! I slammed the trap door shut and ran outside to get help!" (If the PC's as for any help, Chris offers them a mace that's been in the Lost & Found ever since he can remember. He knows its magic, but that's it. It's a +2 mace.)

Hall of Records: The Basement: Clerk Chris leads you through a winding maze of chaotic clerks and the people they serve. Papers are being shuffled in every direction and their final destination is anyone's guess. Finally, you come upon a trap door in the very back of the clerk's lounge area. "You cannot use fire of any kind down below," warns Chris as he hands you a torch. "This is a magic torch. Its fire is an illusion and cannot ignite. There are many such torches below. Good luck."

Area 1: At the bottom of the steps is, most likely, the source for the emaciated corpse. A second trap door, probably leading to the ancient catacombs beneath Beastlyville. It appears the trapdoor has been opened from underneath and two sets of footprints lead away from the trap door in the dust. Near a bookshelf and a filing cabinet are the remains of a picnic lunch and a broken bottle of wine. The picnic basket looks recently abandoned. (The basket contains chicken potpies, bread, celery and cream cheese. It's all edible and delicious. Thea brought this for her rendezvous with Reilly. Beneath the basket are Reilly's glasses. The books in this area are records of recent land purchases. The filing cabinet contains paperwork on the recent King's Champion. Lying on the top of an open drawer is a form for rescinding Richard the Young's title as champion. The cause listed is "death".)

Area 2: This is another set of stairs going up and several book shelves and locked filing cabinets. The cabinets all look new. They are labeled "Merchant Records: Authorized Personnel ONLY!" (The stair are blocked above by several filing cabinets and the trap door still requires 20hp of damage to get open.) (The records near here are concerned with large purchases, especially by local merchants. The filing cabinets in this area are all locked and sealed with a Glyph of Warding that paralyzes anyone that attempts to pick the lock. Save vs. magic to negate. The glyph cannot be removed without a Dispel Magic cast at 20th level or higher, however, the wooden filing cabinets can be broken into if more than 35hp of damage is done to the back. The files contain important pricing information and tariffs. Any merchant outside the guild would pay handsomely for the information, however, the local merchant guild will hire several dozen men to hunt down the thief once the thievery is discovered.)

Area 3: This area is full of tables and chairs so that the record keeps and clerks can sit down to examine files. (The records here are primarily concerned with merchant licenses, merchant guild membership and merchant related activities that require permits. On one of the tables is a stack of blank merchant permits. This could be sold to a thieves guild for 500gp, but there are so many other papers here, there is only a 25% chance of this stack of papers being noticed.)

Area 4: Here there is a group of filing cabinets. They appear to have been disturbed and knocked over. (They contain maps of the New Realm and all over the world. Reilly avoided the mummy until it got mad and knocked over the filing cabinets.)

Area 5: In this spot, the pillar makes it slow going. Only one person can squeeze past it and the bookshelf at a time. (The records here are all Marriage certificates. 90% are outdated. A woman's left shoe is just behind the pillar on the West. It belongs to Thea. She dropped it fleeing from the mummy.)

Area 6: Lying in the darkness, sobbing in the corner is a beautiful young, female clerk that is missing her left shoe. Seeing you, she immediately gets to her feet and moves to hung you. (This is Thea. She is hysterical with fear and is convinced that the mummy "ate" Reilly. She will hug the first male PC she sees. Although she has no money to reward the PC's, she will see to it that should they ever apply for a permit or license in Beastlyville, the process will be swift and immediate. The records here are related to money lending, but are hundreds of years old.)

Area 7: More records. (The records here are for fishing permits, hunting permits and other hunt-related paperwork.)

Area 8: There are several tables here, but about a hundred years ago, the work piled up so bad on these tables they were abandoned. No one has bothered to go back and resort and refile the papers. (Roll on the chart, but all papers are at least 150 years old.)

Area 9: At the corner of the basement, the floor is slightly lower. Over the last few centuries, water has seeped its way down. Rather than remove it, it appears that the busy record keepers merely moved the bookshelves away from the water. It looks stagnant and cloudy. (The water is foul tasting, but harmless. The diagonal bookshelf nearest the water is full of records in Ancient Latin. A Detect Magic spell reveals a Cleric Scroll on the bottom shelf with the following spells: Bless x2, Cure Light Wounds, Minor Raise Dead.)

Area 10: This is another trap door on the floor here, but this one appears reinforced and barred from this side. (The bars can be removed and the trap door opened, but 1d6 mummies are 40% likely to emerge every two hours until the mummies leave the city. This trapdoor leads to the catacombs that are close to the ancient pyramid below the city. The books around this area are some of the oldest in the Kingdom and are primarily concerned with the division of land between long-dead families.)

Area 11: There are four tables in this area and many ancient-looking texts are spread out here. (There was a sage doing research here, but he died five years ago and no one bothered to put the books back. He was researching Emperor Rheemus and his connection to Emperor Flavius.)

Area 12: The torches in this area have either gone out or are gone. (During his flight, Reilly removed some of the torches in hopes the mummies couldn't see in the dark. He realized this did nothing and abandoned the idea, but hasn't put the torch back. The books in here are all Death Certificates.)

Area 13: This area contains a table, some filing cabinets and some bookshelves. The table has been knocked over and a torch lays on the floor. (The mummy chased Reilly through this area and knocked over the table. There are papers on the floor from the bookshelf. They are applications for fire pits within city limits. The filing cabinets contain random papers. On the table are several permits for a fire pit that were filled out by Father Shambles. He wanted to have a barbeque in the cemetery behind the church. All the applications have been denied. The latest on is on the top of the stack along with an "Approved" stamp and a "Denied" stamp. If someone approves Shambles fire pit, they will be invited to the barbeque and offered complimentary healing spells up to 4th level, Shambles' maximum.)

Area 14: The tables in this area seem like they get a lot of use. It is relatively dust-free and there are low number of papers on them. Sitting at one of the tables is an emaciated figure. (This is one of the Mayan Mummies, AC 4, HD 7, HP 42, Move 9", #At 2, D 2-8/2-8 or 3-12 plus 3rd level magic user spells: Wall of Fog, Magic Missile x2, Magic Shield, Summon Swarm, cannot be harmed except by Blessed weapons, half damage from non-Blessed magic weapons, HF 31, EXP: 5500, the mummy is wearing jade jewelry valued at 800gp, on its belt is a scroll tube which magically preserves any scroll inside it at +5 vs. everything except crushing blow, the scroll inside is Whispering Wind. It's bony finger has a gold ring on it that is a +1 Ring of Protection.) It wandered in here after loosing Reilly and sat down. The papers on the tables in this room have to do with the day-to-day operations of the Hall of Records. The bookshelves here contained licenses and permits filed within the last ten years. They were supposed to be moved to Area 21, but due to lack of space, they stayed here. The mummy will pursue the PC's unless they somehow manage to loose the creature, as Reilly did, by out-distancing it. There is a box labeled "Priority" and it currently contains an application for a marriage license for Princess Chastity and Sgt. Tariff Staff. The application's date has been written and crossed out several times. The most recent writing, in a woman's hand, says, "Pending".)

Area 15: Dead End: At the end of this bookshelf is a pile of books stacked on the floor. They seem to be in excellent condition. (These books once guarded part of the hall, they are magically enchanted like Animated Brooms of attack. They can fly at a rate of 3", bite for D1-4 points of damage every other round, AC 9, HD 1/2, HP 6. There are 19 such books here, but only 1-8 will animate if they are disturbed. The command word has long since been forgotten and no one on the staff has bothered to rid the hall of this menace. The records on the shelf here are out-dated magic licenses from the last 3 centuries.)

Area 16: This area contains three tables and stacks of books. The magic torches in this room have been removed from their sconces and stuck at a higher spot between some books. This makes the shadows unusually long. (Reilly did this. He's hiding under the tables. He has the broken end of a wine bottle that he will use to fight. AC 9, HD 2, HP 28, #At 1, D1-3, 2nd level Sage. Reilly cannot see very well without his glasses. If the PC's don't identify themselves, he'll attack the first one in marching order, surprising 3 in 6 times. The books on the tables in this area are outdated reference tomes to the hall, but almost everything in it has been moved since the books was written. If Reilly is rescued, he'll promising the PC's almost anything they need in the way of permits and licenses. If they somehow manage to destroy both mummies, he'll offer them a deed to a parcel of land just outside the kingdom. He knows the previous owner died without heirs. The land is 10 acres with a farmhouse, barn and silo. There are currently no animals on the farm. It is 5 miles outside of Beastlyville.)

Area 17: The records in this area look extremely old. Some of the books are crumbling right on the shelf. A pillars blocks the end of the hall. (Behind it is a spider web with a Large Spider. The spider is long since dead, but if struck, the dead husk releases a nasty smelling gas. Victims in a 10' area must save vs. poison or become ill, fight at -2 to hit and damage for 2-12 days.)

Area 18: This area contains two large filing cabinets. (They can be climbed over with a dexterity check or knocked over with a strength check. The filing cabinets contain 2 random rolls of papers, plus four blank, temporary magic permits. These would be worth 20-120gp each to any non-lawful magic user.)

Area 19: This area contains three large filing cabinets. (They can be climbed over with a dexterity check or knocked over with a strength check. The filing cabinets contain 6 random rolls of papers, but all are at least 150 years old.)

Area 20: In the center of the bookshelves in this area is a pile of paper. It appears to be trash. (It is trash. Everything in this area is either miswritten, torn and otherwise useless. The other mummy is hiding beneath the paper stack. Mayan Mummy, AC 5, HD 7, HP 49, Move 9", #At 2, D 2-8/2-8 or 3-12 plus 9th level magic user spells: Fog Vision, Taunt, Wall of Fog, Magic Missile x2, Magic Shield, Summon Swarm, Darkness 15' Radius, Stinking Cloud, Haste, Slow, Paralyze, Dimension Door x2, Magic Jar, cannot be harmed except by Blessed weapons, half damage from non-Blessed magic weapons, HF 31, EXP: 8500, the mummy is wearing jade jewelry valued at 800gp, on its necklace is a ruby the size of fist. It's worth 5000gp on a chain worth 1000gp. He'll use this to Magic Jar an opponent when they get within 30' of the stack. Still strapped to his belt is a dagger in a gold sheath. The sheath is worth 100gp and the dagger is +1.)

Area 21: This area contains rows upon rows of records for just about everything. The shelves filled up about 30 years ago and the clerks have yet to discard the outdated records. It is a mess of ledgers, boxes, books, papers, permits, licenses, etc. (Make a roll every 10 feet.)

Area 22: At the end of this hall, between two book shelves, is a shrine dedicated to the gawd of bureaucrats. In order to worship the shrine, worshippers must fill out five different forms in triple and fill them in the nearby bookshelves. There is a bowl full of coins for offerings. (Every week or so, the cleric that monitors this shrine comes to collect the money, currently it contains 6gp, 27sp, 62cp. Anyone who steals from this shrine will be cursed with bad luck whenever they have to deal with a bureaucrat until the minor gawd is appeased. Worshipping at the shrine requires reading/writing skill and about 20 minutes of writing. If someone does this, there is a 1% chance the gawd will grant a bureaucratic boon on the worshipper, halving all such encounters will bureaucrats as half the time and twice likely the favorable outcome. The mummies will not come into this area.)

Area 23: The pillars in this area have fresh scratch marks on them. (The mummy chased Thea here and then lost her. It found the papers in area 20 and decided to wait for her. Several books and records have been knocked to the floor. They are all recent marriage licenses, mostly for Dales.)

Area 24: Coiled above the bookshelf on the pillar that goes through it is large snaked. (The Jaculi's name is Zack and is a pet of the clerks here. He hasn't been fed in a while, but one attack anyone unless they are a pixie fairy. AC 6, HD 1, HP 23, #At 1, D 1-6 and +4, 75% camouflage. The shelves around here contain recent birth certificates.)

Area 25: The main hall in the hall of records was once, much wider. Over the years, it has filled with bookshelves and, more recently, filing cabinets. (The shelves here contain current property deeds and merchant licenses. Stealing these deeds and licenses would, ultimately, cause a lot of trouble, but unless the owner also lost his copy and/or is dead, stealing the original would do little. Hanging above is a large, iron chandelier that's tied off by a nearby rope. With the advent of magical torches, it hasn't been lit in years. If dropped on a target, it causes 4d6 points of damage. It will not damage a mummy unless it is Blessed first.)

Area 26: Slumped in a heap with a pile of papers is a wooden mannequin. It is dressed in a robe and has the word, "Stacky" stitched up his pocket. Something has marred the mannequin's head. A large chunk was scratched out by some kind of clawed hand. (This is Stacky the Wood Golem. He is AC 8, HD 3, HP 23 (37), #At 2, D1-3/1-3, Stacky was stacking some books when the mummy knocked him down. He's now malfunctioning and will attack anyone that disturbs him or any of the nearby records. The papers he was carrying are a list of possible properties for the new Snotit Embassy. According to the papers, Ambassador Cubby has yet to fill out all the proper forms. The bookshelves in this area contain random paperwork every 10', but it is mostly from 100 to 50 years ago.)

Area 27: A dark figure stands between the bookshelf in this area. (This is Stacky's counterpart, Shelvy. Shelvy is undamaged and awaits orders. He will defend himself if attacked. . He is AC 8, HD 3, HP 37, #At 2, D1-3/1-3)

Area 28: The books and records in this aisle have been pulled down and stacked on the floor. (Reilly was reorganizing the fishing permits, but he hasn't had time to get back to it. He has mistakenly left forms to reinstate Sir Dan as a live person in this area. If this is brought to Reilly attention and/or brought to Sir Dan, the process is pushed forward and Dan is very grateful. The PC will get a free 2-day stay at the Dock & Swig, all drinks and meals free.)

Area 29: A dark figure stands between the bookshelves in this area blocking passage. (This is Stacky's counterpart, Filely. Filey is undamaged and awaits orders. He will defend himself if attacked. He is AC 8, HD 3, HP 37, #At 2, D1-3/1-3)

Area 30: On the floor in this area is a pile of weapons and armor. All look rusted and poorly maintained. (About a year ago, someone got the bright idea to teach the clerks how to defend the hall if it was attacked. The program was scrapped after a month, but the clerks left all the weapons and armor here, they include 15 short swords, 10 suits of chain mail, 12 medium shields and five maces.)

Area 31: These bookshelves have many spider webs running between them. (There are only normal spiders here, but he clerks are afraid to pull down the webs for free of giant spiders. Roll randomly every 10' for records & such.)

Area 32 to 36: This appears to be a normal hall and bookshelf in the Hall of Records. (It is completely normal. No encounter here.)

Area 37: There is a large book lying on the floor between the bookshelves. (This book is extremely heavy and is a complete history of the Kingdom of Beastlyville from its origins to 1053 when it was written. The book was too heavy to put back for one of the clerks. When he made an attempt, however, he dropped his pouch. The pouch contains three silver pieces.)

1-12 Out-dated birth certificates (1), Death Certificates (2), Land Purchase (3) or Marriage License (4).
13-20 Ancient Records in Latin (Roll again for above)
21-22 Current Deeds for local properties
23-24 Current Marriage Licenses
25-26 Current Merchant Permits
27 Current Magic Permits
28 Deed to the Dock & Swig
29 Locust the Wizard's Approved Application for Royal Wizard (see issue #2)
30-45 Application to Apply for (1) Marriage License, (2) Merchant Permit, (3) Animal License, (4) Magic License, (5) Misc. Permit, (6) Citizenship, (7) Land Purchase, (8) Misc. License.
46 Blank permits/license for one of the above worth 10-200gp.
47-55 Application for one of the above (form is now outdated and worthless)
56-70 Approved paperwork that needs to be filed (roll for above)
71-85 Historical records for titles and land holdings of local nobles (only 10% of these will be current, the rest will be ancient history, current info is only 10% likely to be valuable)
86-90 Blank Tests for various clerical positions at the Hall of Records.
91 Deed to Castle Wickdenstein
92 Deed to the Mighty Missy Trading Company (proof that it belongs to the Brown Finger Mob. This is dangerous info and the BFM will hunt down the individual that exposes it or pay them 10-1000gp for the info, depending on how they handle it.)
93-95 Random Magical Scroll that was filed as a record for the Wizard that invented that spell. 50% of these spells are unique and useless. The spell is either a variation on a "normal" spell (50%), a poorly written spell that will misfire (45%) or a spell written by Locust the Wizard that will cause a random animal to explode for 1d6 points of damage in a 10-30' radius (5%).
96-100 Special paperwork relating to the Royal Family of Beastlyville. It is mostly historical in nature. (There is a 1% chance the paperwork reveals that Barbara really is the Princess Puritanya.)

Escaping: If the PC's rescue Reilly and Thea, the mummies will probably be chasing them. Should they lead them outside, 1-4 rounds later a farmer with a cow will happen by. The mummies or mummy will freak out and flee. PC's cannot take a cow into the basement.

Finding Locust: By the time the PC's arrive at the Dock & Swig to find Locust the Wizard, the battle between the Travelers and the Mayan Mummies (as seen in issue #21) is over. Locust pays the PC's if they have delivered the documents. He offers them additional payment if they will assist the Travelers in gathering cows for the upcoming battle. Father Shambles overhears this negotiation and attempts to intervene to get a better price. (20-120gp each.)

Getting cows: The major livestock handler within the city limits is a merchant by the name of Gustav Harnickle. He has a coral of heffers on the north side of the city. By the time you reach Harnickle's spacious home, it has been mostly abandoned, save for the guards that guard his estate. The cows have been left noticeably unattended. Although the two guards at Harnickle's house can see the cows from the estate, it would be unlikely they could do anything to stop you from causing a stampede. (If the PC's attempt to steal the cows, the Sylvan Avenger immediately shows up to stop them. "Halt you rustlers of bovine and cow! The Sylvan Avenger will stop you now!" The Avenger will attempt to capture all the PC's and will not resort of lethal damage. If the PC try to explain the emergency, the avenger says, "If what you say is true, then the mummies deserve their due! Prove your worth to me, I say. Then I shall let you go your way!" If the PC's ask how, he says, "The proof can be by sword or tongue. Is there amongst you, a noble one?" "Ha-ha! Your proof is all I need, make haste and go complete you deed!" Avenger exits saying, "I am away to battle new foes this day! It's time that I go! Flut-flutter and awaaaaay!"

Final Stampede: When the Travelers emerge from the sewers, they look a bit disheveled, having been in the fight of their lives. Additionally, the red skin man they were with is nowhere to be seen. The Sarge orders you to help the others on the cows, hundreds of mummies are heading for the surface and you must help start the stampede to drive them from the kingdom. Additionally, someone with engineering or siege weapons can earn extra points helping Cubby mount the cows with weapons. Once the stampede is started, the Sarge tells you to grab a horse, gallop to the south gate and make sure that it is open. (At the prearranged signal, the PC's must start the stampede by making noise and banging on their weapons and armor. Spells like Spook, Fear, Audible Glammer, can help with this. PC's may opt to attempt to rob or fight mummies as they leave the city. Each mummy has at least 400-1600gp worth of jade jewelry.)

CONCLUSION: Congratulations! You helped save the Kingdom! Although the fight is far from over for our heroes, they are glad for your assistance and hope you will stay in the city and help rout the remaining mummies in the coming days. (If the PC's agree to this and completed everything in the module, Locust the Wizard rewards them with a +1 weapon, shield or light armor of their choice.)

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