The Fix #3

Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Fix #3

My Little Cheerleader Mafiosa

Issue: #3, 33 pages, b&w, $2.50
Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Artists: Brian and Brendon Fraim
Cover Photography: Tommy Frkovich
Cover Effects: Mammon Graphics, Ltd.

Distribution: Previews (July ’01)
First shipped: Available in stores since September 2001

First Appearances: Mike Feroni, Uncle Vito, Pablo Feroni, the FBI, the Pom-pom Mob, Shelly, Angeline, Denise, Viv, Undercreek High School,

Issue quirks: 33 pages, no ads and no credits.

Issue Events: Tony explains Mindy and invites women to send their picture in to SJRP.

Issue Synopsis: When Mindy's uncle Vito dies, he bequeaths to her the family business; his mob. Seduced by wealth and power, Mindy takes control of the local mob, only to realize that she's in over her head. Can Fix rescue his girlfriend before she ends up in the Witness Protection Program?

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