The Fix #1

Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Fix #1

What Happened to the '85

Issue: #1, 33 pages, b&w, $2.50
Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Artists: Brian and Brendon Fraim
Cover Photography: Tommy Frkovich and Tony DiGerolamo
Cover Effects: Mammon Graphics, Ltd.

Distribution: Previews (May ’01)
First shipped: Available in stores since July 2001

First Appearances: Mark Mammon, Stoli, Petey, Lump, Cal, Brian, Ron, the BSI, the '86, the '85,
Ethan Pitt, James Pitt, Mindy Ballente, Sven: the Son of Thor, Phil, Leon, Smitty, the stuff, Janet

Issue quirks: First full issue, 33 pages, no ads.

Issue Events: First full issue.

Issue Synopsis: When Fix's car is accidentally bitten by a vampire, it becomes an undead auto, capable of regenerating damage and providing intense "in car" sex. But when the car begins feasting on the "living" autos, Fix and his poker buddy, Sven, must destroy the Nosferatu Nippon.

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