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The California Syndicate: Based out of Southern California, the mysterious syndicate is a very California version of the Mafia. The members tend to be good looking and ruthless. Their primary ability is Charisma and it is rare that a member has a Charisma below 12. Men in this family can use cosmetic surgery to increase their charisma as high as 16. Additionally, the members have access to the Consigliere and Enforcer talent trees under "American Mafia". Members needn't be Sicilian or even Italian to join. All members take on a code name named after a section of Southern California. Their real names are kept secret. Syndicate members tend to stick to white-collar crimes whenever possible. Each smaller family picks an entertainment-related theme.

Availability: It is unknown when the California Syndicate was formed, but federal authorities theorize it was sometime in the 70's as the traditional Mafia families were targeted by the powerful RICO laws. The earliest members were trusted Family Associates that could not be made. Using the Mafia's hierarchy as a template, the early members used their looks and money to organize and develop close contacts in the entertainment industry.

The Valley: In the mid-80's, the members of the Valley moved into Atlantic City, New Jersey. As traditional Sicilian Families were slowly pushed out of A.C. or indicted by the Feds, the Valley filled the power vacuum and accelerated the process by murdering their remaining rivals. Despite devastating losses in the late 90's thanks to a masked vigilante known as the Jersey Devil, the Valley continues to thrive. Burbank and Del Rey narrowly avoided prosecution in a major racketeering case when the evidence mysteriously vanished thanks to a powerful ally in the insurance business. Valley members do not significantly different from other members of the California Syndicate except that they are based in New Jersey. Burbank's theme is the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He frequently dresses as the host and has outfitted his office like the set from the show.

Availability: The Valley moved into Atlantic City during the early 80's. The group helped put Mayor Frantelli in office in 1996. Burbank prefers to contract mercenaries to do his dirty work. He offers huge bonuses for quick results. His million-dollar bounty on the Jersey Devil still stands, but now it is only good if J.D. is captured alive.

First Appearance of Burbank: Jersey Devil #1
First Appearance of all others: Jersey Devil #2

(official stats for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20)

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