"...the one that blew me a way the mafia life section includes a hefty dictionary of mafia slang, not to mention a very detailed time line of the mafia from 493, to present day... this book is far more fact than fluff which makes it a solid entry into any gamer?s library, I would say it is about as good a source on the Mafia as GURPS Space is a source for hard science fiction... this book is a great guide to running a modern game based around organized crime. So go out and get it or expect to be sleepin with the fishes!"
James Herbert, RPG.net. Read the full article here.

"The cover is striking...thorough index, as well as a (wow) bibliography. Don't see a lot of them in historic setting books for d20. If you want to play Mafia using the d20 system, this is much more thorough a tome than Hogshead's "The Mob"...Thorough coverage of the topic..."
"Gameplay 9" (out of 10)
Scott Thorne, Game Buyer Magazine

"In short, there's no area that isn't really covered with the book, it looks at every aspect of the criminal life, from the highs of being a made guy all the way down to being a mook. Of course, the only thing here is that some GM's may have trouble working with creating criminal campaigns, and it's here that Mr. DiGerolamo once again delivers... Overall, it's a very strong product with a lot of character held within the pages, as one might expect of a game dealing with such a strong background. Even if you're not playing the game itself, it's worth picking this up just to get the information, so that your good guy players have realistic bad guys to go up against."
"IRM rating 4.5 stars out of 5"
John Dodd, IRM Magazine, read the full review here.

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