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The Dreamation 8 crew had a tough time with "Save the Lap Dance for Me", a Complete Mafia for d20 adventure that ran in Knights of the Dinner Table #102.
But Robert Cornelius, aka: Rocky "the Lung" (in the black shirt) took the prize in the second Complete Mafia for d20 championship on Sunday.

Taylor (aka: Alexi the crazy Russian) interviews associates for his podcast. You better not be workin' for the feds Taylor!

Pictures from the Complete Mafia Live Action Game

The good folks at Dreamation have allowed Mr. D. to test his Complete Mafia LARP at their conventions. This was the fourth installment and it was one of the best.
Thanks to all that helped Mr. D, you'll be rewarded. Mr. D. remembers his friends.

Mark Ford (last year's Complete Mafia for d20 champ) as Chucky Siboldo has a "discussion" with Al DiMarco and boss of the Cavalieres, Jo-Jo. Things did not go well for Al.

"Hey, Chucky. Who's that guy with da camera? Didn't I tell you, no witnesses?!"

The Cavaliere Family discusses some business.

The happy couple: Tomaso IlVidi and Donna Martino, shortly before Tomaso went down in a blaze of bullets.
Donna mourned in her own way, attempting to sleep with as many other made guys as she could!

The Live Action Game in full swing. Watch yer back!

The ladies of Complete Mafia do their own deals at Terrantoto's deli.

The Jordano Family discusses business at their stripclub, the V Gentlemen's Club.

Some "friends of ours" keeping the streets safe for business.

Officer Dennison questions Boss Jo-Jo on the streets. Dennison is a renegade cop.
He killed a prostitute and tried to pin it on Chucky. Like Chucky didn't have enough murders hanging over him!

Willy 1-Nut and Leo "the Lion" of the 105's street gang. 105's for life!

Ho-ho! What a night! The Cavalieres and Jordanos both did lots of business, but nobody came out on top. 8pm to 5am game.
Not bad fellas. See you at the next one.

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