Dreamation Class of 2007

Mr. D was back in East Brunswick running his Complete Mafia LARP (Live Action Roleplaying Game), Complete Mafia for d20 Role Playing Game and swearing in pledges for Super Frat. Mr. D's Complete Mafia LARP ran on Thursday night and pitted the Mafia vs. the Red Mafya vs. the Yakuza. Let's take a look at the pics!

The Cavalieres started the live action game on top, but Boss JoJo Cavaliere was beheaded! Secret Weapon Eddie (on left) fought off the cops and helped Carla Cavaliere hold the Family together! Will the Jordano/Cavaliere merger hold? Stay tuned!

The Russians kicked ass and took names. The Vodka Mob survived last games massive death toll to come back on top! Gregor (in hat) survived an assassination attempt by the notorious Chucky of the Jordano Family. Now that Psycho is pushin' up daisies! Don't mess with the Reds!

The Yakuza were surprisingly aggressive and violent, despite their low numbers. They held onto their territory all the way up until the end of the game (sometime around 3:30am). It was pretty impressive. And the beheading of Boss JoJo Cavaliere was completely unexpected! Those tattoos were real!

Our undercover guys came completely out of left field. We had one cop in the mix and one wiseguy turncoat! These guys brought their own props and costumes! (As did a few other players.) Man, it really enhanced the game. Nicely done fellas! Hopefully none of the characters gunning for you will see this website!

And of course, we recruited some new pledges! Welcome bros!

Brother Radish

Brother Pinata

Brother Nose Candy

Brother Barely Asian
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