Jana Savini

I was a Rubber Chicken. Then I was a UCB student. Now I'm a Zookeeper. And a Ninja.

I started with the Rubber Chickens short form group at the University of Delaware. I was the funny one/attention whore of my group of friends, so I auditioned. They let me in because I am a girl, and they needed a girl. Thank you X chromosome!

A few of us started taking classes at UCB. I had Armando Diaz for Level 1, Michael Delaney for Level 2, and Kevin Mullaney for Level Three. Classes led to rehersal groups, then to performing groups, then Harold teams. So for two years every weekend we'd head up the New Jersey Turnpike, take the PATH train, get everything bagels toasted with cream cheese, head to class, hit up McManus's, go to ASSSSCAT, then drive home. There was no real conversation the entire time, it was one long bit. And those were the greatest times. Single tear, left eye.

Ninja Dan R. convinced me to audition for the Ninjas and here I am.

My improv heroes are Michael Delaney, Joe Wengert, and Kristen Schier.

In my non-improv life, I am an animal keeper at the Philadelphia Zoo. I'm relief for the mammal collection so I rotate through primates, carnivores, pachyderms, and hoofstock. I don't do birds (except for two that live with the tamarins), they creep me out. Actually so do the primates, especially the monkeys. My favorites are the cheetahs. Hi Rasi, Spidi, Micah, and Mara! My second favorites are the hoofstock. They have such presence, grace, and charisma. But they are so, so dumb.