Corey Cohen

Suave. Handsome. Pleasant Smelling. At some point all of these things have been said about Corey Cohen. Sometimes by Corey himself. Corey currently attends Temple University, where he is majoring in Sleep with a minor in Wasting Time. For the most part, people enjoy being around him, unless he is talking, gesturing, or breathing. He would like to one day perform in New York City, where some powerful agent will realize they need yet another young, goofy Jewish kid for their newest project. Corey hopes to rise to fame and fortune, spending his money on blow, hookers, and filling the various pools and hot tubs in his palatial estate with champagne. Also, if possible, one of those really small monkeys you see at the zoo, the kind that look like they are wearing a little monkey-sized parka. Help Corey realize his dream, and come see a show. Especially if you are a powerful agent. Or a monkey.